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Scott Community Care offers a comprehensive and caring approach to counseling adults, children, couples, and families. We have well qualified therapists that are dedicated to promoting growth and healing. Each therapist has specialized training in a variety of therapeutic modalities to best serve your personal needs.

Some of our specialty areas include PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Abuse/Trauma, Anger Management, Substance Abuse, Family Therapy, Parent Education, Self-Esteem, EMDR.

Group Counseling


Scott Community Care offers group counseling on various topics scheduled to change throughout the year. These topics vary from Anger Management, Parent Education, Self-Esteem, Symptom Management, etc.

Community-Based Rehabilitation Services

helpingCBRS is designed to help you develop your own personal skills so that you can improve the quality of your life according to your desires. The CBRS program was founded on a belief that skill building is critical to developing your own independence and self worth.

CBRS can help you improve your quality of life by helping you realize your dreams, assess your strengths, set goals, and evaluate your progress. Our staff can help you in these areas by providing training in your home or in the community.

CBRS can help you if you feel you are having problems with things like paying bills on time, maintaining housing, maintaining relationships, cooking and cleaning, living independently, managing symptoms, communicating with others, and more.

CBRS services can begin after an assessment of your needs is performed by our highly qualified staff.

Service Coordination and Case Management


Service Coordination and Case Managementis help you organize the services you receive from many different public and private agencies so that everyone is working together toward the same goals. It can help you meet your needs and wants by linking you to appropriate resources, services, and opportunities. It can also help solve basic problems as they arise.

Service Coordination and Case Management can help you if you want to become better at self advocacy, problem solving, and fulfilling needs; are receiving services from several sources and you feel that certain needs or wants are not being met; you're not sure how to make and meet personal goals and would like some help getting started.

Remember, when someone receives service coordination or case management, it does not mean they are unable to handle their own matters. In fact, it is not the goal of these services to do things for the family or individual that, with information, they can do for themselves. 

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